Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Singing Graham Bam to Sleep

Graham is quickly approaching two months old!! I can't believe how fast the time is flying by. Before you know it I will be back at work and missing my little baby all day!

I feel I have learned a lot these past 8 weeks! I never knew how comfortable I would be caring for a newborn. It is amazing how it comes so naturally. I could never imagine my life now without Graham in it.

Although Stuart works a lot he cherishes every moment he gets to spend with Graham. I think his favorite thing to do with him is to sing him to sleep. At first Stuart would only sing to him when I wasn't around or he didn't think I could hear/wasn't listening. He said he was kind of embarrassed which caught me off guard since for a while he was a frontman in a classic rock/heavy metal band! Now, 8 weeks later he is definitely more comfortable with singing lullabies and even allowed me to video him! For fun I also included some rockstar pictures. Note the leather pants and denim vest!!!

Stuart Circa 2003

2004 Demonium